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Discussion Points from PC Meeting - Monday 2nd December 2019
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Road Safety
Police Scotland have advised that all road safety and traffic concerns within the school vicinity during drop off and pick up should be reported to them. Parents can do this via the 101 number and this will enable the police to gather evidence that can be used to substantiate any necessary traffic changes withint the area.

Parents can also report information to our Parent Council to help tackle the issue. Please note that information submitted to this email will held in line with GDPR compliance.

Email - Incident Reporting -

Cost of the School Day kit
Click here to learn more about recommended improvements that can be made in schools and by your Parent Council to reduce the costs asked over and above just sending your child to school. This was devised by a working parent group as part of the Glasgow Parent Council Forum and in partnership with the Child Poverty Action Group.

All weather pitch safety concerns
Parental concerns regarding the safety of the all weather football pitch at Merrylee Primary has been brought to the attention of Education Services. Media coverage has reported links to rubber crumb 3G pitches and potential risks of cancer to those who are in frequent contact with them. Please read below information provided to address concerns.

Research : HS of crumb rubber in 3G pitches

Open Letter : Synthetic turf letter from ESTO

Parental feedback on school meals
Any feedback regarding schools meals that are served by Cordia can be sent directly to their school catering contact Julia McCreadie at

Lost Property - please check regularly
We would like to inform you of our new system for lost property. Lost property will be collected throughout the week and stored till Friday. It will no longer be put out daily at the community entrance. On a Tuesday a parent has volunteered to return all named items to children. On a Friday a rota of parent volunteers will return all named items to the children and all unnamed items will be put out at the community entrance. The unnamed items will remain till the following Friday and then they will be bagged for charity. It is imperative that all school items are labelled. Unnamed tubs and water bottles will not be kept for hygiene reasons. It has been such a difficult and trying process in previous years, as we have seen large amounts of items go uncollected and children repeatedly leaving items. We can also no longer have large amounts of bags and boxes sitting blocking the community entrance. We thank you for your understanding.

Safe parking around Merrylee Primary School area

Please be aware of the responsibility as parents to park safely and considerately around the vicinity of our School. Points that have been emphasised are as follows:

  • Please do not park on the grassed area on Ashmore Road. This is a recreational green space.
  • Please do not mount the pavement to park.
  • Please obey the restrictions on the road markings.
  • Please park in the surrounding area and walk to school (refer to map).
  • Please reduce your speed when driving along Monreith Road, Friarton Road, Mochrum Road, Ashmore Road and all others roads within the vicinity of the school. The last thing we want is for one of the children to get hurt, or any other pedestrians on this route.
  • Newlands Tennis Club are supportive of kids coming through the carpark to access the school. Parking in their carpark should however only be reserved for members of the tennis club.
The map below highlights in orange suggested parking areas that are only a few minutes walk from the school. Consider leaving earlier to allow yourself time to park in these areas and then walk the remaining distance.

Merrylee area map

Should any parent require access to disabled parking, please notify the school to make arrangements.

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